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Avenues of Instruction:

To make training convenient to you we offer several avenues: 
(1) Online Training 
) Live on site 
(3 ) Video-Conferencing
(4 ) Satellite 
(5 ) Open Enrollment 
(6 ) Curriculum Develpoment,one-on-one conference with the instructor via video, email & telephone 
(7 ) Certificate Programs and Apprenticeship

Our Goal : To help you meet your goals for training, research and success. We custom design our programs and curriculum to meet your needs.

Stretch Your Training Dollars: You asked for training at affordable pricing. Now you have it .. from internationally recognized experts in the field.

Quality Professional Instructors: The Institute has assembled a team of recognized professionals, authors, and lecturers ... experts from numerous industries to bring you the real-world training you need to enhance your business and product development activities. Our instructors are not just academic oriented, they all have several years of experience in their field of expertise. Our instructors stay current and are actively involved with research and development of their fields.

Our training professionals will address your specific operational, technical and engineering application questions. They show you how to apply proven techniques to your product and process development. We have trained over 25,000 business and technical professionals.

Call or Email Our Office: Tell us your specific training requirements and we will help you develop a recommended training plan that meets your needs and your budget. We have over 70 instructors and can custom design certificate programs, seminars or curriculum to meet your need.

Research: We perform third party reseach for products, application and perfomance standards. Call us for special needs. 


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