029_Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Standard NFPA 70 B - 16 PDH's/$225.00

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Overview This course provides the qualified electrical worker with information to properly use maintenance techniques and requirements that avoid potential electrical hazards. It specifically provides techniques to prevent shock and fire hazards associated with the electrical equipment maintenance. Participants will have a greater knowledge of how to prevent hazards such as burn and shock. It also teaches participants to recognize potential electrical hazards. This course covers maintenance requirements for substations, control systems, power, cable and premise wiring systems. It provides proven test methods and troubleshooting techniques. The objectives of this course will enable the participant to understand how proper predictive and preventive maintenance techniques can provide greater production and safety to the worker and company. Volume 1 Why a preventive and predictive maintenance standard was developed…preventive maintenance recommendations… preventive maintenance recommendations…test standards for maintenance requirements…test methods for maintenance recommendations…effects of a preventive maintenance program…record keeping…maintenance work center…diagram and data…ventilation requirements…emergency procedures.

Cost: $225.00