• Description: This exam prepares you for the Master State, Local or Contractors exam. Once you have finished the exam you will be able to determine areas of work you need to study before you take your State, Local or Contractors Electrical examination. 
    We suggest the following:
    • Exam Evaluation Service:Have one of our experts evaluate your practice examination and determine the type training you will need to be prepared to pass the State, Local or Contractors exam.
    • Training Material:Obtain training material from us or any other reputable service. 
    • Measure Your Progress: Complete your training and take another practice exam. This measures your progress and points out any weakness you may have before you take your Master, State or Local Contractors Examination given by State or local authorities.
    • Package Price for All -You can buy our package for $400.00 - Which includes the following:1) examination evaluation by someone who has already taken the examination 2) free access to all our training materiel 3) free access to take practice exams at anytime and as many time as you would like. There are a total of 18 different examinations, questions rotate just like you will see in a real world examination. This applies to open book and closed book portions.
    • You will need to provide your on code book, NEC, NFPA 70. This book can be purchased online at NFPA.org
    • Evaluation Cost: $175.00 without package
    • Exam Cost: each examination is $85 without package
    • Training material: cost varies from $25 - 250.00 depending on type class. All training material can be obtained free online at no extra cost to those enrolled in the Package plan.
    It is our goal to see you pass your examination. We have a 100% pass rate and desire to keep that rate standard. We do not guarantee anyone they will pass. However, if you study the materiel and complete the practice exams, history proves you have a real good chance of passing. 
    Also, if you fail there is no charge to come back to study materiel if you are enrolled in the Package Plan.   

    This You will need to send a payment $400 (package plan), or $175(Exam Evaluation), $85 (practice exam) or $25-250 (study material) to our paypal account to access this preparation for the Master Exam.  Once payment is verified then you will be given access to the exam preparation quizzes.  Contact William Eaton (eaton@integrityco.com)  after your payment has been sent to this paypal account: david@integrityco.com